Pricing & Services



The precise cost of any single restoration can only be confirmed when I have seen the original but in broad terms is determined by the scale and location of any damage or fading, the size of the original and the size you want the new print to be.

My fees start at £35 and rarely go beyond £75 although it may cost more to have a very badly damaged or particularly large photograph repaired. In every case however you will receive a fixed price before any work is started so that know what the final cost will be.


The cost of scanning negatives, prints, slides and glass plates will fall within the following ranges, depending on the number of images and service required. Scanned images will be sent to customers via “We Transfer” at no extra cost or vis BSB Drive at customers expense. There is a £5 minimum charge and any postage etc is extra

• 35mm Slide: £1.80 - £3.25 per slide

• 35mm Negative: ££1.80 - £3.25 per frame

• Medium Format Negatives: £3.75 - £5.25 each

• Prints: £1.50 - £3.50 each

• Glass Plates etc: PLEASE ASK


Colourising Black and White images is charged in addition to any requested restoration. The cost is determined by the size and complexity of the image and will include any research required to accurately identify any colours, such as military uniforms etc.

Prices start at £30

Copy Prints

The price of a copy print is determined by the size and number required.

Prices range from £2.95 - £20

Custom Printing

Please do GET IN TOUCH if you have any custom printing requirements