My love of photography comes from my dad. He has always taken pictures; printing his own for many years,
developing HP4 (as was) in Microphen and producing lovely, rich and contrasty prints, before he switched
to digital (long before me).

I never had the patience for silver printing (though seeing a picture appear from the developer remains
one of my favourite sights), so digital was a great discovery, especially the ability to wander off for a
cup of tea at any time.

My interest has always been the picture not the camera, I have only used four main cameras in over
30 years, moving to digital in 2011 after several years of scanning negatives. I gained my LRPS in 2011
too, with the help and support of BHCC, after years of carefully taking, making and then hiding away
almost everything I took!

The photographs here (all copyright John Smith) are a mix of some of my favourites, a few from
my book "Watching Cricket" - see llinks section and (an occasionally changing) selection of
projects that I hope reflect the things I like to take; still mainly black and white, usually simple
and very rarely moving. I hope you enjoy them.